Galeria & Showroom

We offer you a personalised visit to our Gallery and exclusive access to the Studio and screen printing workshop.
An experience by appointment only.

Come and visit us!

Carrer de Quevedo 28,
Barcelona 08012

At our headquarters in the charismatic neighbourhood of Gràcia, enjoy the catalogue of more than 150 local and international artists. Limited edition handmade and silkscreen prints.

We always work by appointment and personalised visit.

Get exclusive access to our Studio, meet the artists handprinting and discover the maculas and test prints on sale and on display in the workshop. Unique and out-of-print pieces.

A totally free experience !

Contact us to request an appointment
and receive 100% personalized attention.
Lucky you!


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A small sample of the catalog that you will enjoy live and direct

Limited edition Art Prints by more than 150 local and international artists.

Gig Posters and Fan Posters that are already collector's items.

All our prints are delivered in envelopes and rigid recyclable cardboard boxes that we have also customized - thanks to the magic of silk-screen printing - with our slogans and the turquoise color that is our trademark.

Each print is part of a signed and numbered handmade edition. And we ask each artist for 3 pieces of each edition. If you like one of them we will show you all the available ones and you will be the one to choose between them.

As they are handmade works, the prints have small differences between them. It may be a greater or lesser discharge of ink or small registration errors between inks. It is contradictory but... They are small originals inside an edition!

Exhibition of máculas and test prints in the Studio

On your visit and in the unusual setting of our Studio, enjoy this exhibition of máculas and test prints. Unique, out-of-print pieces that reflect the day-to-day life in a screen printing workshop. And that refer us to the error as an essential part of the creative process.

These prints are also part of our catalogue - take home an original and unique piece of art!

Meet artists in the Studio

From Monday to Thursday our Studio and screen printing workshop is available for artists to print their projects with our assistance.

Perhaps during your visit you will be able to see how the silk-screen printing technique works, a 100% handmade work!

And discover our Coworking

A maximum of 11 illustrators, designers and web developers live in our Coworking.

We are a big little family where every now and then someone leaves and leaves a table free.

By appointment only

And that is why we ask you to make an appointment to visit us. We offer you a minimum of 1 personalised hour in our space for you to enjoy the experience. Thank you very much!