Handpriting a feminist poster for the illustrator CLARA SÁEZ

We are very happy to handprint for the illustrator Clara Sáez. An artist with a universe so particular that we wanted to work with her for a long time. And it is also that Clara along with Julia Abalde form Pin Tam Pon.


T-Shirts for El Deletrista

It has been a real pleasure to make this T-shirts commission for the lettering artist El Deletrista. Stamped to a color in serigraphy in our workshop and finished manually by the same author with a final touch of metallic gold or coral red, the shirts are all unique and different.


Demo-Print at Galeria Cromo

Here we show you the DEMO-PRINT we made in the Galería Cromo for the launch of the 4th edition of the Le Timbre subscription.


Studio Lovers con nombre propio: Valentina Bohorquez y su proyecto "Colombia No Es"

You already know that we call Studio Lovers to those who decide to use our WORKSHOP to give shape to your most creative ideas.


Handprinting very special business cards for graphic designer Gemma Villegas

It is not usual for a graphic designer to take risks with his business cards and not to decide to give them an added value by printing them in screenprinting.


Studio Lovers with their own name: Agnè Zvirblyte and her brand Sparrow Flies

We had the pleasure of sharing the workshop with Agnè Zvirblyte. From Lithuania this young designer based in Barcelona has shown once again the extraordinary capacity of screen printing to shape our most creative projects.


Handprinting "Pepita & Death", new creation of the illustrator Gemma Quevedo

Very happy to print for the illustrator Gemma Quevedo her new creation Pepita & Death. Handprinted in 3 colors on paper Fredigoni Freelife 215 gr. and Din-A3 size. Limited edition of 60 copies.


Tote Bags for Pacwoman Productions

We are very happy to stamp for a unlockthefuture.net The project that from London Saskia Wild has created through Pacwoman Productions.


BID FOR YOUR TEST PRINT! Solidarity auction of Test Prints by the Fundació Marianao

Next SATURDAY, MARCH 10, Print Workers Barcelona and Fundació Mariano, we invite you to participate in this AUCTION SOLIDARITY.


Handprinting of T-SHIRTS for the signmaker NICOBARRIOSART

Very happy to handprint for the signpost NICO BARRIOS, @nicobarriosart these magnificent t-shirts. A tribute to traditional lettering by hand.

Print Workers