Projects on fabric

A small sample of the projects on fabric that we have made. From t-shirts to tote bags, even towels ! Always with love, by hand and with 100% ecological inks.

T-Shirts for El Deletrista

It has been a real pleasure to make this T-shirts commission for the lettering artist El Deletrista. Stamped to a color in serigraphy in our workshop and finished manually by the same author with a final touch of metallic gold or coral red, the shirts are all unique and different.


Tote Bags for Pacwoman Productions

We are very happy to stamp for a The project that from London Saskia Wild has created through Pacwoman Productions.


Handprinting of T-SHIRTS for the signmaker NICOBARRIOSART

Very happy to handprint for the signpost NICO BARRIOS, @nicobarriosart these magnificent t-shirts. A tribute to traditional lettering by hand.

Print Workers

Handprinting Tote Bags for CURTIS AUDIOPHILE CAFE

Muy content@s de estampar estas preciosas #totebags para CURTIS AUDIOPHILE CAFE el flamante proyecto que lidera Guille de Juan. Punto de encuentro imprescindible para los sibaritas de la buena música en Barcelona.


Handprinting Tote Bags made of Recycled Plastic for Cosmoacción

We are very happy to have been chosen to handprint for COSMOACCIÓN. Education, outreach and action project around eco-innovation and sustained growth.


Towels for la Festa del Grafisme 2018 in Portbou

We are very happy to have been chosen to handprint the towels for La Festa del Grafisme que se celebra cada año en Portbou.


Screen Printing FAD Tote Bags

One more year we have been in charge of the production of the Totes Bags and official t-shirts of the # fadfest of the FAD Barcelona, ​​where the # PremiADI of the ADI-FAD were delivered. Enchanted as always to collaborate in this edition!


Estampación de Tote Bags para el MOB

Like every beginning of the year our friends from MOB&Pau launch a great call to design their welcome #TOTEBAG. And we are the chosen ones to stamp and give body to the winning design ;)


Estampación de Tote Bags para el Aniversario del estudio creativo Bonhomic

We like to celebrate Anniversaries like the Bonhomic creative studio. And even more if that means handprinting magnificent tote bags in 2 colors specially designed for the occasion.


New printing of Tote Bags for the project lacabezaenlasnubes by designer Fran Rodríguez

Very pleased to print again for lacabezenlasnubes. The stimulating creative and vital project of renowned designer Fran Rodriguez. With fascinating design, the stamping has proved to be a challenge and the result is spectacular!