Very happy to handprint for the signpost NICO BARRIOS, @nicobarriosart these magnificent t-shirts. A tribute to traditional lettering by hand. Inspired by the modernist style of the city of Barcelona, its facades, its windows, its signs, its forged irons ... A laborious and very careful work. With a delicious front detail and a spectacular design on the back of the shirt.

At Print Workers Barcelona we always work with water based organic inks. And in this case we have used inks of the acramine type that have so much water that penetrate the tissue. And really what we do is dye the support on which we stamp. With this we achieve a more organic finish and we can also notice the pleasant touch of the tissue in its natural state.

Nico Barrios asked for a reddish color for his shirts that are very nice in color. And we have prepared a beautiful garnet for stamping that goes like a ring to the precious design of Nico. In silkscreening there is an enormous choice of colors available. But the grace is to make a lot of cuisine and create your own vibrant colors according to your tastes or the likes of the client in this case;) Sweet thing!

Contact Nico through his Instagram , @nicobarriosart to buy them. There are very few left!

And you already know, if you want us to handprint for you, ask us for a quote without obligation through our section of PRINT SERVICES .

Here you can see a complete making of of the entire handprinting process and the spectacular final result.

Y l'espectacular resultat final !

Y aquí el super packaging que Nico ha fet a ma !

Thanks for trusting us!