We are very happy to have been chosen to handprint for COSMOACCIÓN. Education, outreach and action project around eco-innovation and sustained growth. We have printed 2 faces on some # TOTEBAGS very special. Made by hand, the FABRIC comes from PLASTIC RECYCLED water bottles. War on plastic!

This type of FABRIC from the bag, made from RECYCLED PLASTIC from water bottles, has a special touch. And the logos with so much detail and the inside pocket gave us a new headache. And they demanded an extra job. But it was worth it. It is the first time we stamp on FABRIC that comes from RECYCLED PLASTIC and we hope to repeat the experience. # noplastic

If you want us to print for you, ask us for an estimate without obligation through our PRINT SERVICES.

Hereby you can see a complete making of the handprinted process and the amazing result.

Estampando el diseño frontal de la #totebag


Estampando el reverso de la #totebag


Un poco de calor...


Y el espectacular resultado final. Con todo lujo de detalle !


Gracias por confiar en nosotr@s !