We had the pleasure of sharing the workshop with Agnè Zvirblyte. From Lithuania this young designer based in Barcelona has shown once again the extraordinary capacity of screen printing to shape our most creative projects. With our Monthly Lover bonus and her talent she has created a fantastic collection of t-shirts, tote bags and prints. Sparrow Flies her brand, refreshingly combines the old-skool look of tatoos with a hint of madness. All 100% handmade and ecofriendly.

You already know that in Print Workers Barcelona we have different types of BONUSES for you to use our WORKSHOP. We put the infrastructure and you creativity. To the fans of the SERIGRAPHY that you choose our WORKSHOP to stamp your ideas we call you LOVERS. And we are in love with your projects! Become a LOVER of our WORKSHOP.

Here we leave you a super report of Agnè working in our WORKSHOP and its extraordinary result.

https://youtu.be/M6Gb52alrq8 https://youtu.be/Dp8Yc7bBxL0 https://youtu.be/VZaVLYQKhdQ https://youtu.be/cCfGGcphIYI https://youtu.be/ScGrnfamI-I https://youtu.be/CCuquU8WpL0 https://youtu.be/LZVL807kHcs

Sparrow Flies rules!