We are very happy to handprint for the illustrator Clara Sáez. An artist with a universe so particular that we wanted to work with her for a long time. And it is also that Clara along with Julia Abalde form Pin Tam Pon. Great project around the game and illustration.

Clara asked us for a very special assignment. Transform the magnificent design created by her during March 8th, International Women's Day, into a limited edition banner. For her 50x70cm sheet Clara chose a recycled cardboard of almost 4mm thick that looks great with the stroke and strength of its design. A design that as we said she expressly created for International Women's Day and that Clara carried as a banner in the demonstrations. Now, thanks to the magic of screen printing, it takes limited edition body.

Here we show you the making of stamping and the great final result.

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Clara... Thanks a lot for trusting us !