Monthly Lover


  • Coaching prior to booking the Studio with a list of materials and various tips.
  • 3 Half-Days Workshop per Week For Printing and Preparing your Screen.
  • 3 Exposures with our Help and 3 Recovery for 3 Screens per Week that you can bring or you can rent us ( see Info Screens For Rent).
  • Assistance in the Studio by our Team.
  • Timetable Half-Days Workshop: Monday to Thursday 10-14h or 16.15-20h.
  • Agenda: it is necessary Online Booking In Advance
  • The days reserved and not used will be subtracted from the count of available days of the bonus. Unless canceled 1 week in advance.
  • Storage: Locker with key and Shelving to leave your personal belongings, tools and consumables. You can also leave your Screenframes. All this exclusively during the duration of the bonus.
  • Discounts on Material, Courses and Graphic Art.

Ideal artistic residences

119€ - 60h - 1,9€/h

109€ - Academy Students - 1,8€/h

If this is your first time at the Studio


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If you are an Academy or Studio Lover

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You may be interested to know that...

We accompany you in your project: before your first visit to the Studio we will do a zoom/google meet/skype to advise you in detail.

And in the Studio you will always have our assistance.

Inks, emulsion, remover...

We coat your screen for €7 and we provide you with the photo emulsion & emulsion remover

You can buy all inks with a 10% discount at Rittagraf

We also have a small Rittagraf Corner in case you run out of ink in the middle of work.

We work with water-based inks, 100% ecological

Book online and come to the Studio when you are most interested.


We provide you with all the tools you need.

Tur on the screen drying cabinet. Burn your screen in less than 2 minutes with our exposure unit.

Develop and remove emulsion of large screens on the washout booth.

Choose between 3 professional printing tables for graphic work and 2 stations for fabric.

Dry your production in the 3 available drying racks.

Screens for rent

We have space to store your screens, emulsion, inks and tools.

You can buy your own screens with a 10% discount at Rittagraf

Rent the screens if you prefer this option. Check here the conditions.

If you are an student from the Academy you will enjoy a 50% discount on the rent.

Order your T-shirts and tote bags through us. Take advantage of the wholesale prices of the usual suppliers of our Print Services.

Add your artwork to our Online Shop catalog.